1. Eating & Drinking Safely
Costa Rica Typical meal called Casado
You must know in Costa Rica and most tourist destinations water is clean and safety, you could fill your bottle with tap water as many times you need to. Usually in other countries in Central America, tourists are much likely to suffer from stomach because the water treatment. And if a restaurant looks clean and organized, don’t think it twice and eat there!
2. Shopping & Currency
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Costa Rica’s prices are relatively high, which is largely due to the country’s high standard of living. Typical Costa Rican food and agricultural products are unbelievably cheap, while the prices of imported products are similar to those in the United States. A typical Costa Rican breakfast and lunch will cost about 2000-5000 colones ($4-10). The currency in Costa Rica hovers between 550-580 colon / 1 US dollar. Keep in mind 50 and 100 dollar bills are rarely accepted. But the U.S. dollar is widely accepted. Most touristic places list prices in US dollars
3. Weather & Microclimates
Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
It rains all year round in Costa Rica, so bring a light raincoat, funny fact, can receive a bright sun in the morning but after noon it can rain a lot. This is because the mountains and volcanoes create a series of microclimates. Usually, December to April is considered the dry season, while the rainy season starts in May. However, the Caribbean coast is much less predictable. That if, regardless of the weather you can enjoy its beauties.
4. Cultural Overview
costa rica
Costa Rican government has shown knowledge of the relationship between tourism and the environment. Costa Rica’s environmental achievements are impressive: more than 98% of its energy is renewable, forest cover reaches more than 53% of the territory, in order to maintain good biodiversity in Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Tourism Institute implemented a system to reward hotels that implement green business practices.
5. Society & Economy
costa rica museo
“Los Ticos” – They are proud to have more than a century of democratic tradition and more than 68 years without an army. Instead of spending money on military forces, it has been invested in improving the quality of life for its citizens. One of the many reasons why Costa Ricans, known as “Ticos”, are such a happy and welcoming people. Famous for their hospitality, Ticos often go out of their way to help tourists with directions or offer other assistance if needed. It is said that once the visitors experience their hospitality, the visitors are also convinced. Costa Rica is a peaceful country where free education is provided to citizens up to grade 11, as well as medical care. The country has a literacy rate of 96 percent and life expectancy at birth of 81 years.
6. Sustainable Development
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Costa Rica was the first country to make the commitment to become a carbon neutral economy in 2021. Later, in 2009, during the United Nations Summit on Climate Change COP 15, it reaffirmed that commitment. 99% of the country’s energy needs will be covered by geothermal, hydroelectric and wind power.
7. Fauna
costa rica frog
Costa Rica is a country very rich in fauna, here are the 6 species of felines existing in the American Continent, 220 species of mammals, some 850 species of birds, 220 reptiles and 165 amphibians. In insects, some 360,000 species have been discovered and classified, including some 1,300 butterflies.
8. Navigating Costa Rica’s Roads
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Due to the tropical climate and mountainous terrain, many roads are difficult to maintain, while many are not even paved. In some cases, short distances can take hours due to the road’s conditions and traffic. Before planning a day trip, we recommend to check with the locals about current road conditions. Weather in Costa Rica it is very changeable.


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